工学研究科、ロボティクス専攻、ニューロロボティクス分野 (Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Robotics)

医工学研究科、生体システム制御医工学講座(兼任)concurrently with Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering (Biomedical System Control Engineering)

Neuro-Robotics Lab Members

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Recent awards: Toyota Riken Scholar, 2019

Delsys Prize, USA, 2017

  • Assistant Professor to be found! Please contact if you think you are competitive candidate.
  • Yuko Maebashi (前橋祐子) Secretary from Oct. 1st for Tuesday

学生 (Students):

David Achanccaray, D2 (Previously from PUCP and RIKEN)

Wenguang Lu (魯文広), D2 (Previously from Tohoku Univ.) 

Keli Shen (神克礼) D2 (Previously from Okayama Univ.) 

Jiazheng Chai, D2, IMAC-G (IRP) (Previously from INSA Lyon)

Raza Fahad, D2, IMAC-G (IRP) (Previously from University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. Joint Institute)

Yonatan Hutabarat, D2, Bio-Eng (DSPII, 医工学研究科) (Previously from Thammasat Univ.)

Sei-ichi Sakamoto (坂本誠一) M2, Bio-Eng (医工学研究科)

Minh T.N Truong, M2, IMAC-G (IRP)

Hannan Ahmed, M2, IMAC-G (IRP)

Yuki Yamakawa (山川友希) M1  早期卒業生

Naoki Kadoyama (門山尚貴) M1

Atsushi Hamada (浜田淳司) M1

Eiji Inomata (猪股映史) M1

Hiroko Shimizu (清水寛子) M1

Omar Elnaggar, M1, IMAC-G (IRP) (Previously from Univ. of Nottingham Malaysia)

Guanda Li, M1, IMAC-G (IBP)

Orvin Demsy, M1, IMAC-G

Han (Yoshiki) Jihui (韓吉輝) M1, IMAC-G

Shunya Takayanagi (高柳峻也) M1 at EPFL from Aug. by doing extra 1 year

Moeko Kojima (小嶋萌子) B4

Chu Khan Hoang, B4, IMAC-U

Takashi Yoshida (吉田高志) B3

福西 彬仁 B3

平井 虎太朗 B3

杉山 拓 B3

瀬宮 優作 B3

菅井 諒 B3

研究生(Master Research Student):

Felipe Ramos (from UnB) (from Apr 2018 to Mar 2020)

Julie Moiroud (Université Lyon 1)  (from Oct 2019 to July 2020)

Amged Elshiekh (from Oct 2019 to Sep 2020) JICE-JTI support

Zheng Chu (from Zhejiang University, 浙江大学)  (from Oct to Dec 2019)

Group photo, April 2019

Group photo, June 2018


In processing to start from 2020 Apr.:


研究生(Research Student):




東北大学工学研究科ロボティクス専攻ロボットシステム講座ニューロロボティクス分野林部研究室は2017年4月にスタートしました(Our lab started as Neuro-Robotics lab since 2017 April, at Tohoku University, Engineering School, Robotics Department.)

東北大学 医工学研究科 生体システム制御医工学講座にも加入しました(We joined Biomedical Engineering School in addition to Engineering School)


Neuro-Robotics = 神経科学xロボティクスx生体信号処理xAI

= NeurosciencexRoboticsxBiosignal ProcessingxAI

  • 研究室紹介PDF (OPEN2017), 研究プロフィール記事 (翠らん) 研究室の活動内容を知りたい場合はまずこの翠らんの記事を読んでください
  • 研究室紹介Web記事(Robot Creators Magazine
  • Lab Poster (English)
  • Habilitation Thesis, Univ. of Montpellier (English, to download) 「Computational Modeling and Control for Personalized Neuroprosthetics and Rehabilitation」


(We are looking for students widely, even from other universities, we can accept students through Engineering School, Mechanical Engineering Division and also through Biomedical Engineering School.)




For International students:We are part of International Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Course, IMAC, which is a fully English taught engineering degree program organized by the division of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Tohoku University. It has the Undergraduate Course, IMAC-U (Bachelor Degree), and the Graduate Course, IMAC-G (Master’s and Doctoral Degree). For Graduate course, the candidate should contact the lab in advance before applying to the entrance exam. If not, you can not enter our lab. So please contact to the e-mail address above.

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