Motor Synergy Development in Symmetric Gait of Whole-body Locomotion Learning (ICRA2023Video stand-alone)

A Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework with High Efficiency and Generalization for Fast and Safe Navigation (IEEE Trans. on Indust. Electronics)

[SII 2022] Reinforcement Learning based Hierarchical Control for a Wheeled Bipedal Robot

ニューロロボティクス 模擬講義 (一般、高校生向け)2021 Nov.

Individual Deformability Compensation of Soft Hydraulic Actuators through Iterative Learning-Based Neural Network (Bioinspiration & Biomimetics)

Synergy Emergence in Deep Reinforcement Learning for Full-dimensional Arm Manipulation (IEEE Transactions on Medical Robotics and Bionics)

[ICRA21] Quantification of Joint Redundancy considering Dynamic Feasibility using Deep Learning

[ICRA21] Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for Underwater Locomotion of Soft Robot

Deep Reinforcement Learning with Gait Mode Specification for Quadrupedal Trot-Gallop Energetic Analysis (EMBC21)

Balance Stability Augmentation for Wheel-Legged Biped Robot Through Arm Acceleration Control (IEEE Access)

Towards Robust Wheel-Legged Biped Robot System: Combining Feedforward and Feedback Control (SII2021, Finalist for Best Student Paper Award)

Virtual Open Campus (オープンキャンパスビデオ)

We succeeded in learning control for Hydraulic-drive (Water-drive) soft actuator (水圧駆動ソフトアクチュエータの学習制御に成功しました)

Motor Synergy Development in High-Performing Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms (ICRA2020 presentation)

Discovering Interpretable Dynamics by Sparsity Promotion on Energy and the Lagrangian (ICRA2020 presentation)

Simultaneous On-line Motion Discrimination and Evaluation of Whole-body Exercise by Synergy Probes for Home Rehabilitation (ICRA2020 presentation)

Real-time Body Balance and Synergy Evaluation for Multiple users

Personalized Balance and Fall Risk Visualization with Kinect Two (EMBC2020 presentation)

Synergetic Learning Control Paradigm for Redundant Robot to Enhance Error-Energy Index(IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems)

Electromyographically Controlled Snake Robot (TESP summer school)

Human-like motor control : Joint Passivity and Drivability

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